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comprehensive mobilize rescue systems kit with opened view

Not Your Ordinary “First Aid Kit”

Having a trauma kit that walks you through 21 different first aid emergencies including bleeding, seizures and even gunshot wounds isn’t your average “first aid kit” with an interactive app or built in iPad to walk you through the step by step response you need.

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How to Protect Yourself against COVID-19

If you have recently traveled to an area where the Corona Virus was present, self-isolate for 14 days and contact a health care provider to get tested for the virus if symptoms develop If you are feeling sick in general, stay home until you are better If you have to go out while you are

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Spot a Stroke FAST

A stroke is defined as a sudden interruption of blood flow to the brain and it is one of the leading causes of death in Americans. Do you know the most common symptoms that are associated with a stroke? Think FAST! Face Drooping – One side of the face droops or feels numb. Arm Weakness

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February is National Heart Month!

Did you know that Heart disease and stroke is the #1 killer of Americans? One in three Americans are affected. Did you also know that 80% of heart issues are preventable? So what can you do to help reduce your risk? Here are a few things: Cut out smoking Get at least 8 hours of

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I don’t need to know CPR, do I?

When you ask some individuals (some may have had some form of CPR training, others may never have had CPR training) what they would do or how they would react if someone collapsed in front of them and wasn’t breathing, these are some common answers that you might hear: “I don’t need to get involved

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We love Good Samaritans!

YOU are the missing link when it comes to a victim getting the fastest care during a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). Remember that if nothing is done prior to EMS arrival, a SCA victim only has about 6% or less chance of survival, but if you step in with chest compressions, you can drastically increase the chances of survival for that SCA victim…

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Call if you can, Text if you can't 9-1-1

April is National 9-1-1 Education Month

The purpose of National 9-1-1 Education Month is to spread awareness of the importance of calling 9-1-1 and to teach our population, children and adults included, about how to properly utilize this emergency system.

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