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Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Month

October is Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) Awareness Month. There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to SCA…such as: “It only affects the older population.” “It only affects unhealthy people.” “I will have enough time to go to the hospital.” “My symptoms will alert me that something is wrong.” All of these statements are

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Cartoon fire extinguisher pointed at a cartoon flame

Fire Prevention at Home & the Workplace

October 3rd through the 9th is National Fire Prevention Week. As we know, fires can happen at home and at the workplace, but many can be prevented. National Fire Prevention Week helps make us more aware of fire prevention tips that we can follow year-round. The leading cause of fires in homes is due to

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5 Reasons You Need an AED During COVID-19

Did you know that since February 2020, Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) has increased? COVID-19 has also been linked with heart disease. Having an AED onsite at your workplace has always been very important…

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February Heart Month 2021

During American Heart Month, we focus on promoting good heart health and a way to motivate Americans to be more conscious of how their lifestyle can affect their heart health. Really, every month should be heart month, because our heart is our lifeline! Check out some interesting heart fact trivia below! WITH A HEALTHY HEART,

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Fall Camping First Aid Guide!

Fall camping is upon us and while you are out camping with the bears, stay prepared with our quick first aid guide for some first aid emergencies that you may encounter while out in the wilderness! Tick Bites Snakebites Spider Bites Bee Stings Remove tick with tweezers Clean the area with soap and water Follow

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Getting CPR certified during a Pandemic

Were you thinking of having a First Aid or CPR class at your workplace? …And then COVID hit. So now what? Are you wondering what a CPR class will look like under social distancing guidelines?                       <——6 feet——>  Here are the recommendations that instructors (and

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Let’s talk bites & stings!

Especially during the warmer seasons, we come across a lot of different types of bugs, insects and sometimes marine animals that may potentially bite or sting us. So let’s talk about some common ones and what first aid steps you can take: Bee Stings Tick Bites If stinger is present, remove it Wash with lots

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