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Getting CPR certified during a Pandemic

Were you thinking of having a First Aid or CPR class at your workplace? …And then COVID hit. So now what? Are you wondering what a CPR class will look like under social distancing guidelines?

                      <——6 feet——> 

Here are the recommendations that instructors (and students) should follow:

  • All CDC social distancing guidelines should be followed
  • Have smaller classes of no more than 10 people per class
  • Everyone should wear masks
  • Students need to be sitting spaced out during lecture and also during the skills portion of the class
  • Only one student per manikin while practicing compressions
  • It is recommended that breathing on the manikins is not practiced
  • Each manikin is to be wiped down and disinfected after each participant
  • It is recommended that each participant either washes his or her hands or uses hand sanitizer before and after practicing on the manikin

Recent studies have shown that Sudden Cardiac Arrest cases have actually increased since COVID started.Getting CPR certified is just as important now as it was before.

With safe class guidelines in place, we can get CPR certified during a pandemic…safely. And we CAN continue to save lives during this unprecedented time.

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