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Let’s talk bites & stings!

Especially during the warmer seasons, we come across a lot of different types of bugs, insects and sometimes marine animals that may potentially bite or sting us. So let’s talk about some common ones and what first aid steps you can take:

Bee Stings

Tick Bites

  • If stinger is present, remove it
  • Wash with lots of soap and water
  • In case of swelling, remove jewelry or tight clothing
  • Cover area with bandage
  • Apply ice or ice pack to reduce swelling and pain
  • Keep an eye out for an allergic reaction (usually occur within 30 minutes of the sting)
  • To remove a tick, either use tweezers or a tick removal device works great
  • Grab the tick as close to the skin as possible
  • If using tweezers, pull straight up in a slow motion
  • If using a tick removal device, use as directed by twisting until tick comes out
  • After removal, clean the area with lots of soap and water
  • Lymes disease is a concern with tick bites, so look out for a bullseye mark around the bite and for flu-like symptoms or sore joints
  • Consult with a healthcare provider if you are concerned about your tick bite

Jellyfish Stings

  • Stings from a jellyfish can cause a raised, red, itchy rash
  • Wash sting site with vinegar as soon as possible for 30 seconds
  • The vinegar will work to deactivate the venom
  • You can also shower with hot water (as hot at you can stand it) for at least 20 minutes

Stay safe this summer!


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