AED Trade-In Program

AED Trade-In Program

Trade In and Trade Up with the Zoll AED Plus:

Do you already have AEDs? Most likely, it will soon be time to purchase new devices. Many AEDs on the market today are no longer supported or have passed their service date. Wouldn’t it be great if you could receive a rebate check in the mail for every AED you’re replacing? With Zoll’s AED trade-in program, you can. Your old AEDs have value.

Take advantage of it. Trade them in to buy a Zoll AED Plus and get CASH!

AED Trade In

How the AED Trade-In Program Works:

Your current AED may be eligible for trade-in as long as it is in working condition and not under any recalls. Each AED brand has a different trade-in value. Please note that this offer expires December 31, 2017.

  1. Purchase new Zoll AED unit (each AED has a specific serial number needed for trade-in)
  2. You will receive your new Zoll AED unit (serial number found on bottom of AED)
  3. Fill out Trade-In Coupon (see attached)
  4. Send old AED along with the Trade-In Coupon to the specified address
  5. Your will then receive a rebate amount for each AED sent in

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