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Zoll AED Plus

Did you know that 1 person every 90 seconds goes into sudden cardiac arrest?

Square One Medical is the premier distributor of the ZOLL AED Plus: The world’s first and only AED (Automated External Defibrillator) in the world that will give you feedback on your CPR compressions with a unique technology called, “Real CPR Help”. View video below to see how it works!

Did you know:

  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is the #1 killer (above cancer, diabetes, etc…) in the United States…

  • 95% of all SCA cases occur outside of the hospital and that laypeople happen to be the first-responders at the scene of a cardiac arrest emergency…

  • Without help prior to EMS arrival, the victim’s survival rate drops 10% with every minute that passes. In the majority of cases doing nothing while waiting for EMS to arrive is often too late for survival…

  • The chance of survival with no help is under 6%, the chance of survival with CPR is 9%, the chance of survival when CPR and an AED are combined jumps up to between 24%-56%!

As a nationwide AED distributor, we can carry as many different AED brands as we like, however, we choose and recommend one particular AED: The ZOLL AED Plus. We have done our research, and in our opinion we believe that the ZOLL AED Plus is the most layperson-friendly AED on the market today with the best possible support for the infrequent rescuer:

  • The onlyAED with a one-piece pad for easy placement. The one-piece pad also has a marker that shows you where to place you hands for chest compressions.
  • The ZOLL AED walks you through the entire rescue process with visual and audio prompts. Just listen to the prompts!
  • The ZOLL AED Plus is the onlyAED in the world that gives you feedback on the CPR compressions that you are performing. As you are compressing on the chest marker, the AED is measuring the depth of each compression. If you are not compressing to the depth that is required by the American Heart Association, the AED will tell you to “PUSH HARDER”. If you are performing good CPR, the AED will tell you “GOOD COMPRESSIONS”. No other AED does this!
  • With the help of the ZOLL AED, high-quality CPR is achievable and can more than double the survival rate for the victim when compared to using your average AED.
  • This AED also has the lowestTotal Cost of Ownership when it comes to maintaining your unit (changing pads/batteries) and is completely maintenance-free for the first 5-years of ownership!
  • No other AED on the market today has such a low Total Cost of Ownership: Only the ZOLL AED Plus.

Are you located in Western Pennsylvania? Ask us how you can schedule a free, no-obligation demo of the ZOLL AED Plus at your workplace, church, or organization.

Interested in a virtual AED demo? Check out the AED video above that features the ZOLL AED Plus. This is a great video to play at your monthly safety or board meeting!

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