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Fire Prevention at Home & the Workplace

October 3rd through the 9th is National Fire Prevention Week. As we know, fires can happen at home and at the workplace, but many can be prevented. National Fire Prevention Week helps make us more aware of fire prevention tips that we can follow year-round.

The leading cause of fires in homes is due to unattended cooking, followed by heating equipment.

The leading cause of fires in the workplace is due to cooking equipment, followed by electrical fires.

Good fire safety practices at home and at the workplace can save lives and save millions of dollars in property damage (especially in commercial buildings). Prevention practices and escape planning recommendations are similar for home and workplace settings.

Tips to Remember:

Check for damaged & overloaded outlets, cords & cables

Keep items that can burn away from electrical equipment

Never leave portable heaters unattended

Keep workspace & equipment clean, dry & well-ventilated

Plan and practice multiple escape routes

Make sure windows can be opened and screens can be removed

Remove any obstacles from exits

How to Prepare:

  • Make sure your smoke detectors & fire sprinklers are properly installed and maintained
  • Post fire escape routes on every level of your building
  • Communicate with your employees (or your family) about fire escape routes and exit locations
  • Make sure your employees (or family members) know where fire extinguishers and other equipment is located
  • Check the condition of fire ladders and escapes - It's a good idea to have ladders in multiple-level homes
  • Practice regular fire drills at work and at home

If There Is a Fire:

Call 9-1-1

Notify employees (or family)

Do not use elevators

If you can't evacuate...

Seal door gaps with a jacket

Wait by a window for help to arrive


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