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New RX Destroyer 64OZ Bottle TM Liquids Drug Disposal

Why You Need RX Destroyer

If there is one golden rule when it comes to handling medicines, drugs, or any other controlled substances, it is that you should never play fast and loose with their disposal.

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Square One Medical Small Business

May is Small Business Month

Small Business Month is here! Support local small businesses in your area today and everyday! Click the image above to learn more about what we do at Square One Medical.

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CPR Are you ok?

Time to Review CPR

October is Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Month and this is a great time to review what you learned in your CPR class.

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Safe Disposal of Drugs

Safe Disposal of Drugs

With the DEA implementing tighter standards for disposal of medications, the protocol of the safest way to discard drugs, meds, narcotics, patches and other prescription medications is changing.

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