The LifeVac...a True Lifesaver

To Date, The LifeVac has Saved 1,477 Lives With Over 888 of Them Being Children.

Learn how this life-saving device can help in a choking emergency.

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Zoll AED 3

Did you know that 1 person every 90 seconds goes into sudden cardiac arrest?

The ZOLL AED 3® leads the way with Real CPR Help® technology (which provides real-time feedback to guide rescuers in delivering high-quality CPR), integrated pediatric rescue, WiFi connectivity, and a touch-screen display. View video below to see how it works!

Did you know:

  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is the #1 killer (above cancer, diabetes, etc…) in the United States…

  • 95% of all SCA cases occur outside of the hospital and that laypeople happen to be the first-responders at the scene of a cardiac arrest emergency…

  • Without help prior to EMS arrival, the victim’s survival rate drops 10% with every minute that passes. In the majority of cases doing nothing while waiting for EMS to arrive is often too late for survival…

  • The chance of survival with no help is under 6%, the chance of survival with CPR is 9%, the chance of survival when CPR and an AED are combined jumps up to between 24%-56%!

The Zoll AED 3 Features:

  • Enhanced Real CPR Help, featuring a full-color display with vivid rescue images, CPR cycle timer, and a large color bar gauge that shows CPR compression depth
  • CPR Uni-padz™ electrodes can be used on both adult and pediatric patients, so there is no need for two separate sets of pads
  • Optional cloud connectivity that can automatically report AED readiness
  • Industry-leading 5-year shelf life for pads and batteries increases readiness and reduces frequency of maintenance
  • Incorporates a smart battery that can report its power level status on the device’s LCD screen or transmit it automatically over WiFi to your AED program management solution
  • Available in semi-automatic and fully automatic models

Are you located in Western Pennsylvania? Ask us how you can schedule a free, no-obligation demo of the ZOLL AED 3 at your workplace, church, or organization.

Interested in a virtual AED demo? Check out the AED video above that features the ZOLL AED 3. This is a great video to play at your monthly safety or board meeting!

And of course if you have any other questions or would like a quote on an AED or our CPR classescontact us today!


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