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CPR as a Requirement to Graduate High School?

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Have you ever heard the term, “children are like sponges”? Well, if you have or haven’t, most of us can agree that this statement rings true. Whether it be that our children are picking up good habits from us such as learning good table manners or on the other hand, not so good ones such as our accidental slip of words that our kids will repeat in front of company.

Whatever the case is, what we teach our children will shapes our children’s lives and the type of people that they will become. The knowledge that they throughout their lives will carry with them forever.

We send our babies to preschool to learn socializing skills. We send them to elementary school to learn the basics skills that will help them in high school, and then we send them to high school so that they can learn the skills they will need in their adult life.

In high school, children learn everything from complex mathematical equations to the concept of negative space in art class to basic life skills in their home economics class.

But, are they learning one of the most important skills out there: The basic life-saving skills that can one day save the life of someone they love? I’m talking about Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation or more commonly known as CPR.

Now-a-days, it is very common that you hear of high schools making CPR certification a mandatory requirement for graduation. Many schools are being proactive and taking the initiative to provide CPR training so that students know what to do in case a cardiac arrest emergency and hopefully can save a life one day.

So, back to the “children are like sponges” theory – what we teach our children at a young age will carry with them into adulthood. You never know when sudden cardiac arrest will strike or whom it will strike, but it sure would be heartwarming to hear a story of a successful save than one of a tragic loss.

Children as young as nine-years of age have been known to have saved lives with CPR. Check out some of the amazing stories below:

11-year-old hero saves grandmother’s life with CPR!

Teen saves man’s life with quick-thinking CPR!

Girlfriend saves boyfriend’s life after he went into cardiac arrest…

If your child’s high school does not require CPR training as a requirement for graduation, then take the initiative to take a CPR class together with your child. Make it a family affair and be prepared to save a life!

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