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To Date, The LifeVac has Saved 1,290 Lives With Over 650 of Them Being Children.

Learn how this life-saving device can help in a choking emergency.

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Are your current AEDs still being supported by their manufacturer or the company that you bought them from?

This is an important question to ask yourself as certain Automated External Defibrillator (AED) brands are no longer being supported and are approaching their end-of-life cycle. With this being said, replacement pads, batteries, and parts may no longer be available. To make sure that you are always in compliance with all of the federal, state, and local requirements for Good Samaritan protection, it is extremely prominent to maintain your current AED(s) by replacing the pads and batteries when they expire.


Please note that the following models are reaching their “end-of-life” cycle or are no longer being supported:


  • This device was bought out by Zoll Medical Corporation.
  • Effective 2014, Zoll will no longer support Welch Allyn AED units and batteries/pads/parts will no longer be provided.


  • This device has an internal battery that lasts 8-years and cannot be replaced.
  • Once the battery reaches its’ 8-year mark, the entire AED unit needs to be replaced.


  • This device is no longer being supported with tech support, repair, or parts.


If you or someone you know have Welch Allyn, Physio-Control, or any other AED brand currently in place that you would like to trade-in, call us today to find out how much your devices are worth through our trade-in program.

Take the initiative today to get rid of your old units for new units so that you always stay in compliance with state/federal laws and so that you are always prepared for a rescue!

Please note that the AED Trade-In Program expires December 2017. Take advantage while you can and get cash back for your current units!


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