Your Actions Can Save A Life

What to do if someone suddenly collapses:

Tap the victim on the shoulders and shout, “ARE YOU OKAY??” If you are a healthcare provider, you can check for a pulse. If you are a layperson, tap and shout and then look for chest rise. If the person does not respond and there is not chest rise, follow steps 2 and 3.

Shout for help and have one rescuer call 9-1-1 and tell another rescuer to get an AED (Automated External Defibrillator).

While help is on the way and the AED is being retrieved, it is time to start chest compressions. Find the center of the victim’s chest and start compressing by pushing fast and hard on the center of the chest. Don’t be afraid to hurt the person – you cannot hurt someone who is in cardiac arrest. If you do not know CPR, just do hands-only CPR (no breathing, chest compressions only).

As soon as an AED becomes available, turn the AED “ON” and follow the prompts. You will have to attached the AED pads as shown on the images on the electrode pads.

Follow the prompts of the AED. The AED will let you know when a shock is advised and will tell you to press the shock button. Remember, you cannot shock a victim that is not in cardiac arrest (unless of course a rescuer is touching the victim while the shock is being delivered). It is important to make sure everyone is clear of the victim when the shock is being delivered. The AED will walk you through the remaining steps of the rescue and will let you know when to go back into your CPR compression.

Keep following the prompts of the AED (or if an AED is not available, continue performing CPR) until EMS arrives and takes over for you.

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