What’s in your First Aid Kit?

What's in your first aid kit?

One of the most common questions that we get during a first aid class or CPR class, is, “What is supposed to be in my first aid kit?”.

If you don’t have a first aid company that stocks your first aid kit regularly, then it’s a good idea to perform your own monthly checklist to make sure that you are fully stocked on your first aid items.

So what should be included in your first aid kit?

Here is the minimum that OSHA recommends (list is based on 2-3 employees):

1. Gauze pads (at least 4 x 4 inches).

2. Two large gauze pads (at least 8 x 10 inches).

3. Box adhesive bandages (band-aids).

4. One package gauze roller bandage at least 2 inches wide.

5. Two triangular bandages.

6. Wound cleaning agent such as sealed moistened towelettes.

7. Scissors.

8. At least one blanket.

9. Tweezers.

10. Adhesive tape.

11. Latex gloves.

12. Resuscitation equipment such as resuscitation bag, airway, or

pocket mask.

13. Two elastic wraps.

14. Splint.

15. Directions for requesting emergency assistance.

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Source:  https://www.osha.gov/laws-regs/regulations/standardnumber/1910/1910.266AppA

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