The LifeVac...a True Lifesaver

To Date, The LifeVac has Saved 1,290 Lives With Over 650 of Them Being Children.

Learn how this life-saving device can help in a choking emergency.

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Learn in CPR Class

What Will I Learn When I Take A CPR Class?

Are you thinking about taking a CPR class? That’s great! Knowing the life-saving skills of how to perform CPR is easy to learn and it can save lives!

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Who can take a CPR class?

Anyone and everyone who is interested in learning how to save a life! Parents, grandparents, students, babysitters, workplace employees, aunts, uncles…you get the point!


How long is a CPR class?

Typically a CPR/AED class is around 2-2 ½ hours long.


What skills are covered in a CPR class?

  • How to recognize a sudden cardiac arrest and how to react in a cardiac arrest emergency
  • How to assess an unresponsive victim
  • How to activate the Emergency Response System (calling 9-1-1, etc.)
  • Essential skills of performing proper Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  • How to properly use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
  • Choking relief skills


Will I be able to learn pediatric skills as well?

Absolutely! Some classes cover adult-only skills, while other classes cover adult and pediatric CPR and choking relief skills.


Will I get any hands-on practice on a manikin?

Yes, yes, and YES! Hands-on practice is essential (and required). Each participant will practice CPR compressions on the manikins, as well as practice using an AED on the manikins.

CPR Class Presentation

After I am CPR certified, how long is my CPR certification card valid?

CPR/AED and First Aid certification cards are good for 2-years!

Where can I find more information on CPR classes in my area?

You can search, “CPR classes in (insert city)”, in Google to get local results. If you are in the Pittsburgh or Western Pennsylvania area, we can help! Call us @ 877.306.1217!

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