May is Small Business Month

From your local bakery to your local embroidery shop or local clothing boutique, small businesses make up the backbone of America. Here at Square One Medical, we support both local and small business owners. We show our appreciation for those who support us by delivering outstanding customer service, quality products, and long lasting friendships and relationships. At Square One Medical, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer reviews and strive to keep improving constantly in any way that we can.


Show your support for small businesses in your area, even if it’s just a friendly, “Hello!”


Services that Square One Medical offers:

  • AEDs (Portable Defibrillators) for your Workplace or Organization
  • Replacement Pads/Batteries/Accessories for your AEDs
  • AED Trade-In Programs
  • AED Program Management
  • AED Training
  • First Aid/CPR/AED Training – Workplace and Community
  • CPR Face Shields/Barriers
  • Wide-Variety of Safety Products


About Square One Medical:

Square One Medical is based out of Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania and has been in business for over 22 years. At Square One Medical, we are saving lives one CPR class and one AED at a time!



Schedule a First Aid or CPR class with us during the month of May and save $5 off per person! You must contact us to take advantage of this offer during the month of May, however, you can schedule your class after May if you choose. You must mention this offer to receive discount. Offer expires May 31, 2018.


Check us out on Facebook for our customer reviews, class photos, and other information!

Visit us on Facebook (Square One Medical CPR), Twitter (@AEDSource), and Instagram (squareonemedical).

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