October is…Sudden Cardiac Arrest Month


Sudden Cardiac Arrest can happen anywhere and at anytime – It does not play favorites to age or gender. Without your help, a victim has less than 10 minutes to survive! Would you know what to do if someone suddenly collapsed and stopped breathing and stopped responding?

Let’s review the life-saving steps of what to do if someone suddenly collapses:

  • Tap and Shout (on the victim’s shoulders)
  • Call 9-1-1 (or have someone else call)
  • Tell Someone to get the AED
  • Check for Breathing (is the chest rising and falling?)
  • If no response and no chest rise, immediately start CPR (compressions first)
  • Push Hard and Fast on the Center of the Chest (think of the beat of “Staying Alive”)
  • If you choose to do the breathing, compress 30 times on the chest, then deliver 2 breaths if you are trained
  • If you are not delivering breaths, perform Hands-Only CPR
  • Switch with another rescuer every 2 minutes
  • Attach the AED onto the victim’s chest as soon as it arrives
  • Follow the prompts of the AED
  • Continue performing CPR compressions and following the AED prompts
  • Do not stop until EMS arrives

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